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ISDN Test Telephone 541

ISDN Test Telephone (Lineman´s)


  • Lineman´s telephone for PABX installation and repair
  • ISDN and analogue test telephone in one
  • Measures DC voltage and frequencies 1kHz to 4MHz
  • Small and light, but rough for field use
  • Only 37x60x180mm and 320g incl. battery!




Lineman´s telephone for field use.

It is a combined analogue and ISDN telephone. Ideal for installation and repair of private ISDN telephone exchanges and private ISDN lines.


Works on the U-interface (2B1Q), private ISDN lines, and the S-interface for the Euro ISDN BRI system.
The S-mode protocols are point to point or point to multipoint. It carries out the 2047-bit BER test and the test time is programmable from 1 minute to 99 hours.

A keypad protocol is available for the control of the supplementary services.

It is possible to measure DC voltage of ±110V on the line and frequencies of 1kHz to 4MHz.
The analogue part can generate flashing and DTMF. Up to 9 telephone numbers can be stored and recalled. Low battery warning is another feature.
A ringer is built-in.


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